The services provided by MARINECARE, but not limited to, are as follows:


1.    Casualty Investigation

  • Collision and contact damage matters: inclusive of speed & angle of blow, hull damage & repair cost assessment.
  • Groundings: damage & repair cost.
  • Pollution : inclusive of control measures, clean-up  matter & liaison with local authorities etc.
  • Damage to fixed and floating objects: inclusive of establishing pre-existing damage, contributory negligence, delay & consequential losses, extent, cost of repair etc.
  • Machinery breakdown: full investigation.

2.    Risk Assessment (H&M, P&I & Transport Liability)

  • Loss Prevention & Risk assessment surveys on behalf of P&I Clubs, H&M Underwriters and Intermodal Transport Liability Insurers: JH 2006/010 A, B & C Surveys, Condition Surveys, Pre Purchase Inspection, Warranty Surveys etc.

3.    Cargo damage Surveys/Loss Assessment / Loss Control

  • Investigation into cargo damage matters for dry bulk, bagged, liquid and containerised cargo.
  • Cargo loss control by draft, ullage and tally surveys.
  • Mitigation of cargo loss.

4.    Marine Operations Matters

  • On / Off Hire Condition surveys.
  • Bunker Surveys & Sampling.
  • Cargo Outturn surveys.
  • Hatch/hold surveys for Shippers & Charterers.
  • Pre-loading, stowage & discharge supervision including heavy lift operation.
  • Towage & lashing approvals.
  • Pre-demolition survey.

5.    Flag State Inspection

  • Liberia Flag State – ISM & ISPS Lead Auditor and Safety Inspection for LISCR.

6.    Maritime Registrar

  • St. Kitts & Nevis International Ship Registry

7.    Classification Society Surveyor

  • International Register of Shipping (IRS) – based in Florida, USA.

8.    ISPS Consultant

  • Recognised Security Organization (RSO) approved by Designated Authority (Department of Shipping) Bangladesh.
  • ISPS Consultant to Chittagong Port Authority, Mongla Port Authority, various port facilities and ICDs of Bangladesh.